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Hey, I’m Claire!

Hey, I’m Claire! I’m on a mission to free women from the diet-binge-guilt cycle, and to support them on their journey to self-love and confidence, all fueled by real food and a joyful approach to health.


I dieted for nearly a decade before I realized it just doesn’t freaking work. When I finally decided to redirect the destination of my health journey from a better body to a better mind, the whole game changed. I’ve never been healthier, happier, or more in love with who I am (and who I’m becoming).


I call myself a “realist dietitian” because it most adequately sums up my approach to nutrition and healthy living. There are so many ways to eat yourself to good health, and they’re all rooted in real food. My job on this platform and in my work is to help you navigate those many healthy paths, so you can find what works uniquely for you.